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Illustration: In Boise, Idaho, a heartwarming scene unfolds at a local community event, where people of diverse ages and ethnicities engage in a communal activity. They share, donate, and receive various items, including clothes and books, against a backdrop subtly featuring Boise landmarks.
Fostering Connections and Support in Boise’s Local Communities.

Declutter & Donate – Enrich Your Idaho Community

Our Mission

GiveSurplus in Boise, Idaho helps people declutter and fosters community and sustainability throughout the region.  Free up space, contribute to local causes, and give your belongings new life by donating them. Clear clutter and enrich your community.

Declutter & Donate

Your contributions benefit the communities you live in. By decluttering and donating locally, you support Boise and the greater Idaho region.

We value sustainability and promote reusing and repurposing items to combat waste. Simplify your life and adopt a lifestyle that values sustainability, resource conservation, and thoughtful consumption.

We’re Here to Help is a directory that connects people with places in need of donations. Join us in transforming clutter into community support, and make Boise and Idaho better living places, one donation at a time.